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At Filexcellence, our commitment to community extends beyond our own initiatives. We also serve as a bridge for external causes seeking support in raising awareness and funds for their campaigns.

Through our strong community connections and outreach, we provide a platform for these causes to:



Reach broader audiences

Drive support

Strength in numbers - empowering
change through fundraising

Amidst the rise of anti-Asian violence, FilExcellence took decisive action by tapping into our community to identify meaningful ways of providing support.

Utilizing the power of social media platforms like Instagram and Clubhouse, we launched campaigns in 2021 to extend assistance to the victims of the March 2020 Atlanta shooting, Vilma Kari's family, and Angelo Quinto's family.

Through these concerted efforts, we were able to raise a total of approximately $75,000, showcasing the immense strength and compassion of our united community.

Stop Asian Hate
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