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The FilExcellence Global
Mentorship Program

We all know that the extensive knowledge and experience that exists within the Filipino professional community is invaluable, but for too long, a centralized platform for mentorship, networking, and knowledge sharing had been missing. 

To fill this void, we developed the FilExcellence Mentorship Program. The first of its kind, our mentorship program effectively bridges the gap between early-career and experienced professionals, cultivating a strong network of future Filipino leaders.


Meet some of our past mentors

Ben Bulatao_edited.jpg

6x Emmy-Nominated
Film/TV Editor

Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 1.45.47 PM.png

Vice President, Center of Excellence, Global Advertising & Partnerships at NBCUniversal Media

Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 1.50.34 PM.png

CEO, Head Coach at Pino's Sports Academy

Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 1.55_edited.jpg

Head Of Development at Mad Ruk Entertainment and Co-Founder of Makeway

Apply now!

The program will last a duration of 6 months (September 2023-March 2024). Throughout the program, mentors and mentees are expected to engage in a minimum of 2 hours of monthly meetings. 

  • Treat your mentor/mentee with respect and value their time commitment 

  • ​Engage in active discussion, sharing your unique perspectives and ideas

  • Set clear expectations for meeting cadence 

  • Post about your mentorship experience by sharing key moments on social media and tagging @FilExcellence

  • Identify and share your professional goals and ideal outcomes

  • Take initiative in both seeking and providing your mentor with feedback

  • Follow through on commitments and report on your progress

  • Establish milestones and track your mentee's progress

  • Determine actionable tasks ​to help mentee achieve their goals 

  • Provide opportunities for job shadowing, mock interviews, and resume audits​

Want to participate in the program? Apply below.

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