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Social media campaigns

Harnessing the power of strategic and impactful messaging, we connect, inspire, and unite Filipinos worldwide right through their screens.

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In 2021, we launched the FilipiNOW hashtag movement, which resonated across social media and web platforms, garnering an impressive 24 million impressions.



We designed this awareness campaign to shine a spotlight on the often overlooked yet significant contributions Filipinos have made over the years. Filipinos of all backgrounds and generations chimed in to share their narratives of Filipino excellence and historical examples of when Filipinos have gone against the grain.

With this campaign, we effectively highlighted the importance and value of embracing individuality within community.


Mental health has been a growing concern in the Filipino community, with nearly 6 million Filipinos living with depression and anxiety. In an effort to highlight the importance of prioritizing mental health, we launched the IsangDiwa hashtag campaign in 2022.

6 million

Filipinos living with depression and anxiety

Our goal was to raise awareness, spark open and compassionate discussions, and provide support. We successfully helped break down barriers and destigmatize mental health as hundreds of Filipinos participated in this campaign, courageously sharing their stories.

In addition, we developed a comprehensive list of culturally-conscious Filipino therapists, providing a vital resource to those in need of it.

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